1. What is permanent residence in Canada?

Obtaining “permanent residence” or “permanent resident status” in Canada is also known as “immigrating to Canada” or becoming a “landed immigrant”.  The similar process in the United States results in the issuance of a “Green Card.”  The succehttp://blog.hurshimmigration.us/wp-admin/media-upload.php?post_id=235&type=image&TB_iframe=1ssful applicant will acquire an immigrant visa. Persons to whom an immigrant visa has been issued must present themselves to an Immigration officer at one of Canada’s official ports of entry in order to become landed immigrants.

2. How can I become a permanent resident of Canada?

To be eligible to immigrate to Canada, you must meet the requirements of one of three classes of Immigration and apply for Permanent Residence in Canada through a Canadian visa post (i.e. High Commission or Embassy or Consulate).

The three general classes are:

a. Family
b. Independent/Skilled Worker/Skilled Trades
c. Business Class ( self-employed, Investors or Canadian Experience Class).

3. What benefits do I have if I am a permanent resident of Canada?  

Canadian permanent residents/landed immigrants and citizens enjoy all of the same rights and privileges (i.e. free health care, free elementary and secondary education, etc.) with three (3) exceptions:

Permanent residents cannot vote; with the exceptions of some municipal elections in certain cities
Permanent residents cannot obtain a Canadian passport;
Permanent residents can be removed from Canada (deported) for criminal convictions.

4. How can I determine if I am eligible to become a permanent resident of Canada?

If you are interested in immigrating to Canada, please submit an inquiry on the firms website hurshimmigration.us  or call us on our Toll Free number. We wlll assess your information in accordance with Canada’s IRCC selection criteria, at no charge to you, usually within 24 hours from the time that your inquiry is received.

5. What can I expect to receive in response to my free online assessment submission ?

A lawyer will personally assesses your suitability for immigration to Canada and, should he determine that you can qualify for Immigration either conditionally or unconditionally, you will receive a detailed response together with a fee estimate of costs for this process. You will receive a thorough assessment including specification of any conditional requirements that you have to fulfill, if any, and informs you of the exact steps of the procedure and what to do next. Please note that only those whose qualifications for Immigration to Canada have been favourably assessed will receive a response. Those whose qualifications for Immigration to Canada have been negatively assessed and those who have not provided their full details will NOT receive a response. Please note that all information is kept in strict confidence.

6. How do I know that I qualify ?

Our Lawyers enjoy a very high success rate with clients who retain them via the Internet because we do not accept cases that are borderline and which have no hope of success. If you have been positively assessed, it is because our Lawyers believe that you stand a very good chance of receiving Canadian Permanent Residence with their assistance. The firm thrives on successful immigration cases and referrals from satisfied clients.

7. Why do I need to use the services of a Lawyer and why can I not apply for Permanent Residence in Canada on my own

This is one of the most important decisions in your life. The law is complicated and is rapidly changing…letting a professional handle your case just makes good sense. Let us assist you in a professional manner to supply exactly the information expected by the Canadian authorities. It is imperative that your application forms have been filled out correctly, and the proper attachments made.. The Lawyers draft the written, legal submissions, which accompany your Application package to argue why you should be issued a Canadian immigrant visa and they also ensure that your letters of reference and supporting documentation comply with IRCC’s standards to ensure the quick processing of your matter.

8. Aside from legal fees, are there any other fees that I must pay?

Please note that, aside from the legal fees for managing your immigration procedure, you must also pay the Government of Canada’s fees. The Government of Canada’s fees consist of non-refundable processing fees and Right of Permanent Residence fees, which are refundable in the event that you submit the fees at the outset of the Application process and your Application for Permanent Residence does not succeed. These legal fees are, however, only required later on and are not required upfront with the initial payment to put your application and procedure in motion for migration to Canada.

9. Where do I submit my application for Permanent Residence in Canada?

We will inform you of this, on becoming our client, and will handle this process for you entirely as set down by Canadian Immigration Law. Further we will thoroughly go over your application package with you, before submitting it on your behalf, to the correct Canadian office and when required.

10. How long does the Application process take?

Processing times depend on:

the Canadian office and the type of matter/visa(s) for which you are applying;
whether an Immigration interview is deemed necessary in your case;
the difficulty and complexity of your case;
how well your case is presented; and
the existing caseload in a Canadian office to which your matter has been forwarded..

Nobody can promise you a specific processing timeframe and hence do not choose a law firm on the basis of how quickly they promise your case will be processed. Lawyers can give estimates, however, they CANNOT guarantee processing times as processing times are ALWAYS subject to change WITHOUT advance notice from the authorities. A clue to the wise: choose a law firm that you feel will be competent to prepare your case correctly and expeditiously and that will be attentive to your needs, treating you with the respect you deserve.

11. Will I be required to attend an interview ?

When assessing an Application for Permanent Residence in Canada in the independent/skilled worker category, the IRCC officials must satisfy themselves of several factors, including but not limited to:

your English or French language ability;
your educational qualifications;
your ability to perform the job duties and responsibilities of your occupation(s) as established by Citizenship and Immigration Canada through your work experience, to date;
your adaptability, resourcefulness and motivation to successfully establish yourself in Canada; and
your good character.

If, upon reviewing your Application package, CIRCC officials are satisfied that the documents filed address and satisfy each one of these factors, the recommendation can be made that your Application for Permanent Residence in Canada be approved without the need for a personal interview, thereby expediting the processing of your Application for Permanent Residence in Canada.

Please note that we will make every effort to have your Immigration interview waived… however, an Immigration interview may still be required because the IRCC randomly select very qualified applicants for “Quality Assurance Interviews” whereby the agency takes the opportunity to satisfy itself that it is making the right decisions as to which cases merit waivers of interview.