Sweeping Changes Expected in Canadian Immigration Law

The Trudeau government is preparing an Agressive legislative agenda to significantly change Canadian immigration law.

According to “The Mississauga News” Immigration Minister John McCallum said:  “We’re working to meet our single most important commitment to reduce the processing time for family class,” said McCallum. “Right now, it takes approximately two years for a husband and wife to be reunited… it is unacceptable.”

Parliament Hill insiders are hinting at broad changes in thefamily and skilled worker class streams as well as modifying procedures in the economic immigration categories. There is widespread speculation that the Canadian Experience Class will be taken out of the Express Entry system, a move many immigration specialists applaud.

Terry Hursh, a U.S. immigration attorney and a Canadian immigration consultant said that the Express Entry system is “a rather cumbersome system lifted from Austria which has some merit in assessing skilled worker and trade classes, but oddly applied to the Canadian Experience Class. the canadian Experience Class (CEC) is a pathway to permanent residency for foreign nationals who have worked legally in Canada for a year.

Another area which Canada is exploring is making it easier for international students to become permanent residents.

“International students are at the top of the government’s list to become permanent residents because they are young, educated, and fluent in English or French,” McCallum recently said in a visit to Mississauga, adding the government is also working to improve visitors’ visa procedures as well..

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